Friday, March 21, 2008


GreenPower™ Green UPS Technology Protects Equipment and Reduces Energy Consumption“The patented GreenPower™ design reduces the power consumption of UPS systems by up to 75% compared to conventional UPS systems,” said President of Manufacturing, Michael Ho.

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CyberPower Weighs In: IT Administrators Snapping Up Network-Grade One-Unit (1U) Network-Grade UPS Units; Company Expands 1U Rackmount Units in Network-Grade UPS Category

SHAKOPEE, Minn., Mar. 5, 2008 – Today CyberPower announced immediate availability of the OR1000LCDRM1U, and OR1500LCDRM1U, enabling companies to deploy Smart App Intelligent LCD Series UPS units in both 1000VA and 1500VA one-unit rackmount form factors.

“We’ve been fielding requests for Smart App Intelligent LCD Series at 1000VA and 1500VA at a 1U rackmount configuration because the 1U size allows IT administrators to more effectively manage their rackmount space,” said Director of Channel Development, Pete Miesen.

The need for 1U rackmount units with a combination of full Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), diagnostic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and Smart App management software has spurred a continued expansion of the Smart App Intelligent LCD Series.

IT administrators continue to expect more UPS choices with a richer feature sets, including: local/remote management software, AVR, dynamic LCD diagnostics, 1U Configuration, an SNMP/HTTP card option for remote management, 15-amp, telephone and cable protection (RJ11/45), USB/Serial, and an energy-saving technology, like the patented CyberPower GreenPower ™.

Fast Response, Effective Rackmount Space Management

Outside of CyberPower the competitive offerings for full feature 1U rackmount UPS units at 1000VA and 1500VA are almost non-existent. CyberPower has been able to develop product because it owns engineering and manufacturing facilities that can quickly respond to market demands, such as a need for 1U high-feature UPS units.

“We’ve seen an increasing need for 1U 1000VA and 1500VA UPS units that have the full feature set of LCD, AVR, and Smart App software,” said VP of Worldwide Sales, Dan Ayala. The features also include having a single-mold primary shell, which prevents warping rather than multiple pieces fitted together. Additionally, end users prefer dynamic LCD units that display the full status of the UPS, and LCD lighting that has a shut-off option.

“The deployment of units in the Smart App Intelligent LCD Series has surpassed expectations,” said Mr. Ayala. “They are especially well received by IT administrators in the network-grade server market who continue to look for new choices in managing their rackmount space and power protection needs.”


CyberPower Leads Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Industry
With Comprehensive Green IT Practices; Enacts RoHS Compliance

SHAKOPEE, Minn., Mar. 13, 2008 – According to a recent IDC survey, Green IT is a growing, global market reality, with customers seeking out IT suppliers whose offerings are more energy-efficient, conserve more material, less hazardous, designed for greater recyclability, and supported by end-of-life recycling programs.

CyberPower has taken a comprehensive approach to creating Green IT business practices in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) industry. “We’re always looking for new and better ways to put leading Green IT practices in place,” said Brent Lovett, VP of Operations.

With that in mind, CyberPower products are compliant with important environmentally-friendly guidelines, including the Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS), enacted by the European Union. To achieve this, CyberPower has instituted a comprehensive lead-free solder reliability process and has worked with its base of vendors to obtain only RoHS-compliant components.

A Comprehensive Approach to Environmental Practices

In addition to RoHS-compliance, CyberPower is pioneering the development of energy-saving technologies designed to significantly decrease the energy used by UPS systems. Beyond its products, CyberPower has ensured that its product boxes, packing material, plastic box handles, inks and all other materials used to process and ship products that are environmentally-friendly.

According to the IDC's Green IT Survey:
Over 50% of customers consider IT vendors' "greenness" when selecting a supplier.
One-third of customers already consider it "important" to "very important" that IT suppliers have green offerings.
Almost 80% of executives say that Green IT is growing in importance for their organization.
The #1 driver for Green IT adoption is economic - to reduce operational costs.
“CyberPower is well suited for providing Green IT leadership in the UPS industry,” said Mr. Lovett. ”Because our teams of engineers are all in-house we’re able to implement these earth-friendly manufacturing processes an engineer these energy-saving technologies from conception to completion. We are committed to delivering the leading Green IT technologies in the UPS industry.”

CyberPower Introduces Energy-Saving Green UPS

SHAKOPEE, Minn., Feb. 22, 2008 – The past few years have seen rapid increases in energy prices as well as an increasing environmental awareness by consumers. For these reasons, CyberPower Systems has developed an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology that reduces energy consumption – GreenPower™ technology. CyberPower is committed to leading the UPS industry in Green UPS designs that reduce energy consumption.

After a year in development and hundreds of tests, the CyberPower engineering team zeroed in on an advanced-circuitry bypass design. The meticulously engineered design improves energy efficiency by significantly reducing energy consumption during normal utility power operation.

“The patented GreenPower™ design reduces the power consumption of UPS systems by up to 75% compared to conventional UPS systems,” said President of Manufacturing, Michael Ho.

The GreenPower™ advanced-circuitry design is both impressive and solid. During normal power mode the GreenPower™ design bypasses the Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) and Transformer. This patented technology dramatically reduces the energy used and heat generated by the transformer during normal mode. “Our competitors’ UPS systems have a significantly lower level of energy-efficiency. Especially when the UPS design is conventional online double-conversion, or line interactive and running under full load,” said Mr. Ho.

How significant is GreenPower™ technology? In a world where conserving the environment is an increasing concern energy-saving is not only a matter of cost-savings, but social responsibility. According to the 2007 Frost and Sullivan UPS Industry report, several million UPS units under- 5kVA UPS are sold in North America at a value of $1.6 billion. Consequently, “The cumulative cost-savings to customers, energy-savings, and reduction in environmental impact is truly remarkable,” said Director of Marketing, Brad Canham. Also, with an ability to reduce a UPS unit’s energy consumption by up to 75%, the energy-saved by individual and business users of GreenPower™ technology is significant.

In turn, CyberPower channel partners are excited by the added-value of the energy savings that GreenPower™ brings. “An energy-efficiency design has become one of the top factors customers are considering when comparing UPS products,” said Director of VAR Channel Development, Pete Miesen.

“There is no point to customer’s wasting energy and money on inefficient UPS systems when they don’t have to,” said VP of Worldwide Sales, Dan Ayala. “CyberPower is offering the best choice to customers who want an energy-efficient, reliable, meticulously engineered UPS.”